Congratulations on taking the first step towards digital freedom. This tutorial will go over the basics of getting started using BoardSpace.  

You must be the Super Admin to set up your BoardSpace.

The Basics

Check technology. 

BoardSpace runs best with up-to-date operating systems and using the browsers Chrome or Firefox. Continuing to use Windows XP is not recommended because Microsoft is no longer providing updates. This means that security breaches are possible. If you are on a laptop it is highly recommended to be using a mouse.  

BoardSpace is a role-based application.

The system checks the user’s role on login and shows that user only what that role is entitled to access.  For example, a super admin can do everything, whereas a director (who is not the recording secretary) has more limited functions. A recording secretary cannot add or remove directors, for example.  

BoardSpace operates in real-time. 

This means that if you set a meeting date for say January 15 and add the directors on February 1, there will be no directors showing in the attendance list for the January 15 meeting.  Always add directors before the meeting starts.  Safer still to add the day before the meeting. 

It is recommended to add directors and a recording secretary after setting up the basics of a first meeting. When directors are added, emails are sent inviting new users to set up their own password. Make sure that news of BoardSpace has been announced to the board so they are not surprised by the emails. 


Get started

1. Create a password

New users get an email with a link to set up their account password. Password rules are enforced to ensure security. Once done, a confirmation email is sent. 

2. Log in 

Go to 

or  Login is in the top right corner.

 3. Complete initial settings

Step 1

Go to 

Step 2

Verify the address and contact information entered in this section is correct. 

2.1 To make changes click on 

2.2 Fill out the information and click save.

Step 3

Add a logo or wait and come back later.  

4. Add a Board or committee

Step 1 

Go to Boards/Committees

Step 2

Click add

Step 3

Click on "Click here to add address" – this adds the address of the organization so it does not have to be repeated. Add a name for this entity, ie. the name of the board or committee. Also add a type, phone number, and timezone.

Step 4

If you use quorum, check the box and a 2nd line appears that lets you add the number needed.

Step 5

Add a logo or wait and come back later.   

Step 6

Click on 

Step 7

Admins - Super admins are automatically added as admins. Admins manage everything related to a specific board or committee.  For example, admins add and remove directors, officers, and a recording secretary. Consider if you want to add at least one additional person as a backup.  

7.1 Add an admin by going to options > add new user

7.2 Fill out the form with their information and check Board Admin, click save.


Step 8

Recording Secretary - Add the admin as the recording secretary so that the basics for the first meeting can be set up. 

Go to 

Step 9

Click the radio button beside the person just added.

Step 10

Click Options > Save

The new recording secretary will be shown at the top.

5. Finish

Click on 

5.1 Click on Meeting List to continue and set up the basics for the first meeting.

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