How to Add Multiple People using a CSV File

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Adding multiple people at once is much faster if importing from a spreadsheet.  

Check out the definitions of positions before adding people. 

Sample CSV File

Step 1

Create a spreadsheet using Google Docs or Excel.

Step 2

Make sure that the spreadsheet contains a column header on the first line consisting of at a minimum First Name, Last Name, and Email address.

Optional: Create extra columns for positions, ex: Director, Officer, etc, this is where you will add the position titles for the positions ex: put Chair in the Officer column

Emails addresses must be in the correct format (example -

  • Note that the email address is the unique identifier. This allows adding contacts with the same name as long as their email addresses are different.

Step 3

Add names, emails, and titles for users in the corresponding columns. 

If adding a person - Alex Baldwin, who is an officer with the title Chair, and an email address

Enter Alec in the First Name Column, Baldwin in the Last Name column, in the email column and Chair in the officerTitle column.


Each person's information can be edited after uploaded and each person can have more than one position. 

For example, a person could be a director and an owner/member. 

Step 4

Save spreadsheet -  go to File > Save As.  In the contextual menu, name your file and select comma separated values (.csv) as the file format.

Note: Only CSV file formats (.CSV) can be uploaded into BoardSpace.

Uploading People with Contact Information and Positions

Step 1

Go to Board Settings

Step 2

Click on "Manage People" (located on left-hand side menu)

Step 3

Click on "Upload Multiple People"

Step 4

Click the button Upload csv file 

Step 5

People must be added with a first name, last name and email address. 

Under First Name select from the dropdown the column heading title that contains your users' first names. Follow the same procedure for Last Name and Email.  

Step 6

People must have at least one position (but could have more than one). 

If the spreadsheet

(a) included positions

  • map the correct header dropdown from the title (ex: select director titles under Director)
  • If any columns are not needed, do not select any field from the Director, Officer, Owner/Member, Professional dropdowns.


(b) did not include positions 

  • Start by assigning some people as Admins - click on Admin tab

  • To add a position to every person click the checkbox beside the title of the position (Officer, Director, etc) to select every person, fill in the title as desired (Administrator is added for Admins - no custom title can be added)
  • To add a position to one user toggle the switch to on and enter a title

  • Continue until all added people have at least one position.  
  • The number in the brackets beside the position title is the number of people currently assigned to that position

Step 7

  • Click on Import

Reasons for Upload Failure

  • Invalid email address in the CSV file that doesn't follow the proper format (eg.
  • Columns that are not mapped to any of the fields.
  • Adding the same email address again.
  • Mapping a column twice.

    Updated Sept 2023 [need to add images]

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