An overview of BoardSpace Features for Directors, Officers & Managers

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Where to login 

Go to 

or  Login button is in the top right corner.


Meeting list 

The meeting list page is the homepage for each board or committee. It contains a list of meetings, date, time, location and the type of meeting. There are buttons that link to agendas, minutes, and attachments as well.

In the board information, there is a list of directors and managers with their contact information.


The action tab shows a list of ongoing and completed actions. 

View additional details or comments.  

Create a new actions by clicking on the button.


This section provides access to all of the records for an organization. 


The annual planner shows a list of important events in the life of a board-led organization. These events reoccur on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis or could also be a one-off event. One example of a reminder to send out is an AGM. Reminders are sent to inform the necessary board members of when the event is occurring and can also be turned off. 

Additional details/notes can be added and viewed by opening the dropdown. 


There are two parts to Find: 

The activity log includes a record of items such as adding or removing documents, adding or removing users, status changes to actions, new meetings and so on.  It gives an overview of everything everyone has done inside of BoardSpace.


Use a keyword search to find information about any action, motion, agenda item, text, planner or notification that includes the keyword.  


My Notifications - shows the notifications received by a user.

Send Notifications. Emails can be sent to one or more user groups. 

Option 1 - Send a pre-written message using an email template to inform users that the agenda or minutes are ready.

Option 2 - Send a custom email. 

Learn more about how to use BoardSpace 

Understanding the features in the drop-down menu 

Profile Picture

Click on the profile picture or icon to access additional features. 

My Dashboard

My dashboard is an overview page for directors who serve on more than one board or committee. 

It includes a list of boards, an overview of outstanding actions and a list of planned events.


In profile, a photo can be added, contact information updated or a language profile set.


Support can be accessed in two ways:

1 - In the drop-down menu under.

2 - Via the  on every page at the top right. .

Clicking on the button results in a popup form for submitting a support ticket.

Before sending a support ticket, search for the answer in "Search Articles." Many answers to questions are available.  

If the answer in not available, submit a ticket. Be as specific as possible and use the camera icon in the lower right-hand side to take a screenshot. 

The bell opens a panel that provides updates and notices regarding the app. The bell turns red when new information is added.  

Board Information includes a list of directors and managers along with their contact 


Go to meetings

Click on for one of the meetings.

Comments can be viewed by clicking on the. Add comments by clicking on the button. Comments can be seen by all of the directors and managers. Reply to a comment by clicking on the button. Add private details in Notes (no one can see notes).

Attachments for a meeting can be found by clicking on. On the left-hand side, there is a list of documents and on the right-hand side, the documents are organized by agenda item.

Print a document by clicking on the button. A new browser tab opens. Print the document or save it as a PDF.

Use "more settings" to set the margins and the scale. Increasing the scale increases the font size. 

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