Getting ready for a meeting

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Lesson Overview:

In this lesson, we'll walk you through:

  • Setting up a meeting for a specific date and time

  • Crafting the agenda

  • Drafting and recording minutes

  • Finalizing and approving the minutes

Note: Only a recording secretary can prepare and edit the minutes. You'll know you're the recording secretary if you see your name and the Create New Meeting button.

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1. Setting up a New Meeting

Click on "Create New Meeting" button. 

  • A popup will appear prompting you to enter meeting details:

  • Specify the location, date, and time.

  • (Optional) Add a link for a video call.

  • From the drop-down menu, pick a meeting type.

  • Select an agenda template. The chosen template's agenda will display on the right.

Click Create. A new entry resembling the one below will be generated.

2. Crafting the Agenda

  • Upon creating a meeting, the chosen agenda template instantly becomes the draft agenda. If you don't select a specific template, the default one will be applied 

  • Customize the template to tailor it for your meeting.

For more details on managing the agenda, check out the following articles: 

How to use the agenda builder

How to Create an Agenda Template

What are the different types of agenda Items?

How to Create an Agenda Template


3. Delving into the Minutes  

  • Draft minutes are auto-generated when a meeting is initiated.

  • If you're the recording secretary, you'll see an editable view.

  • The agenda will be displayed in the left column, with each agenda item as a clickable link.

  • Attendees, such as directors and staff, are auto-added. Handy features like checkboxes next to names are available for tracking attendance.

Agenda items act as jump links; click one to jump directly to its section.

To add non-regular attendees like auditors, type their name and hit Add Attendee.

Click Call to Order to commence the meeting, but only do this once the meeting begins. You can also add comments in the provided textbox.

Use the orange + icon to add text boxes, motions, or actions to agenda items pre-meeting.

As you progress through the agenda:

  • Add text boxes, motions, actions to agenda items before the meeting starts. Click on the orange + to access dropdown.

  • Input notes into the text boxes as necessary.

  • Draft motions (these can be adjusted mid-meeting).


Once everything's set: 

Notify the board that the meeting agenda is ready. 

How to send a notification

Click on 
Select user role and select all or check beside names. 
Go to Option 1 

Sends a pre-written email. 

Select meeting date from the dropdown. 

Click on send - reminder gets sent.

Click yes. 

A notification has been sent indicating that the meeting agenda is ready.

Option 2

Allows a custom email to be sent. 

Updated October 2023 

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