Users must be the recording secretary to prepare the minutes. 

If the Create New Meeting button is bright orange, you are the recording secretary.

Create a New Meeting

Start from the meeting list page

Click on thebutton (if the button is pale in color then you are not the recording secretary, click board settings and then follow steps 8-10 here)

Enter the location, title, date and a select a type from the drop-down list for this meeting. 

Click Create.

Preparing the Minutes

Step 1 

Click on 

Verify that you are the recording secretary. If you see something that looks like this - it means that you are not the Recording Secretary. The recording secretary is the only person who can create and edit the minutes. Only one user can be the RS at one time.

To become the RS, go to Board Settings from the top menu and follow steps 8-10 here.

Afterward, it should look like this:

The agenda items are jump links. Clicking on one takes you to that section. 

Meeting details shows a list of the board members and managers.  Take attendance by checking boxes beside names.  

Add people who are attending a meeting as a special guest – such as an auditor by entering their name and click Add Attendee.  

Call to order - starts the meeting. Do not click on the call to order until the meeting starts. Comments can be added in the textbox.

Approval of the Agenda is an optional module. If approving the agenda is not required for a meeting, then this module is not needed. 

The black shading over the module means that the meeting has not been called to order yet. It will disappear when the meeting is called to order.

Step 2

Getting before the meeting starts is key.  In this example, item 3 Reports - add a sub-item - clicking on the, add 3.1 Policy.  Adding a summary of the item helps the board know what is going to be discussed.

Step 3

Add a text box, motion, and action as needed.  Add any notes as needed to the text box. Draft a motion, it can be edited during the meeting.  Continue through the rest of the agenda. 

Send a notification to the board to inform them that the meeting agenda is ready.

How to send a notification

Click on 
Select one or more user types to receive the notification email. .
Go to Option 1 

Sends a pre-written email. 

Select meeting date from the dropdown. 

Click on send - reminder gets sent.

Click yes. 

A notification has been sent out that the meeting agenda is ready.

Option 2

Allows a custom email to be sent.