This lesson covers 

  • creating a meeting for a specific date and time
  • preparing the agenda
  • preparing the minutes
  • taking the minutes
  • approving the minutes

A user must be the recording secretary to prepare and edit the minutes. 

You are the recording secretary if the meeting is created when you click on the button.  

1. Create a New Meeting

Click on "Create New Meeting" button. A popup asks for meeting details (see below.) 

Add the location and date/time for the meeting.

Add a Title - These words will be added at the top of your minutes - or left blank.  

Adding a link is optional for a video call.

Select a Meeting type from the drop-down. 


Choose a template - the agenda for the template shows on the right-hand side. 

Click Create, and a new row like the one below is added.

2. The Agenda

As soon as a meeting is created, the selected agenda template becomes the draft agenda for the meeting.  The default template is loaded unless another template is selected.

The agenda template is customized for a specific meeting.

Additional information is provided by the following articles. 

How to use the agenda builder

How to Create an Agenda Template

What are the different types of agenda Items?

How to Create an Agenda Template


3. Minutes in Detail 

Draft minutes are created automatically when a meeting is created. The recording secretary is shown a view that allows for editing.  

The agenda is shown in the left-hand column. Each item is a hyperlink, 

Directors and staff are automatically added to the attendance list.  

Note smart features such as the checkboxes beside directors' and staff names. 

The agenda items are jump links. Clicking on one takes you to that section. 

Any people who are attending a meeting as a guest – such as an auditor - by entering their name and click Add Attendee.  

Call to order - starts the meeting. Do not click on the call to order until the meeting starts. Comments can be added in the textbox.

Add text boxes, motions, actions to agenda items before the meeting starts. Click on the orange + to access dropdown.

Add any notes as needed to the text box. Draft a motion, it can be edited during the meeting. Continue through the rest of the agenda. 

Send a notification to the board to inform them that the meeting agenda is ready.

How to send a notification

Click on 
Select user role and select all or check beside names. 
Go to Option 1 

Sends a pre-written email. 

Select meeting date from the dropdown. 

Click on send - reminder gets sent.

Click yes. 

A notification has been sent indicating that the meeting agenda is ready.

Option 2

Allows a custom email to be sent. 

Updated on Dec 9 2022