There are 9 different agenda item types. Call to Order and Adjournment are automatically included in every agenda. The others are optional. 

1. Call to Order (mandatory & automatically added)

2. Agenda - using this item adds the agenda to the beginning of the minutes.

Use this module if you want the agenda to show in your minutes.  

3. Approval of Agenda

This module creates the motion to approve the agenda and includes a drop-down menu with the eligible voters.

This makes is faster to approve the agenda since the motion is already prepared. If there are comments regarding the agenda, they can be added in the text box. 

4. Past Minutes 

Using this module approves any past minutes (that were created using BoardSpace). Once approved they are converted to a pdf document format that can't be edited. If you are using BoardSpace for the first time, do NOT use this module.  Instead, add an agenda item, add a motion, and approve.

5. Action Review 

This module pulls all of the board's ongoing actions into a list. Each action item is a live link so that if you hover over the action and click you go to the main action list and can see the details, add comments, postpone or complete the action.

6. Item 

Items need text boxes, motions, and actions to be added as needed (as many of each can be added).

Click on the orange + to add a text box, motion, or action item or add a sub-item to the agenda item.


7. Ongoing 

There are two types of ongoing items.

a) Planner Items 

When it comes time to discuss an Event at a meeting it can be added by clicking on the button "Add Event to meeting" and selecting the meeting date from the drop-down list.

An Ongoing agenda item is automatically added to your agenda and populated with the selected Event.  

In the screenshot below, the Prep for AGM event has been added to the Oct 15th meeting as 7.1 

A text box, motion, or action can be added to the Prep for AGM event.

In the next meeting subsequent to the Oct 15th meeting, add the ongoing module and note that the "Prep for AGM" event is present in the minutes in a special section as shown below.  

If needed, the Prep for AGM event can be discussed at a 2nd meeting. Click on Carry forward. The Prep for AGM shows up as item 3.1 with (cont) after the title. A text, motion or action can be added.  An item can be carried forward as long as needed.  

b) Any item that needs to remain on the agenda for more than one meeting. 

Any agenda item can become an ongoing item.  

Add the Ongoing module to the agenda. Click on +New Item. This added 3.1 Add a motion or action as needed.  

The following month add the ongoing module. Item 3.1 will show up.

To include the item in the minutes click on Carry forward

The item Bylaw Revision has been added as 2.1.

8. Next Meeting 

Click on Set date & time. A Create New Meeting popup lets you create a new meeting and will also show up in the meeting list.

9. Adjournment (mandatory & automatically added)

Adding a second person for adjourning a meeting is optional.

After clicking on the orange "Close Meeting" button, and clicking on the orange "Yes" button, the time is added automatically (from the date and time stamp of your computer). If you check the "Set time manually" box, the date and time is set from a calendar popup.