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Navigating the Meetings Page

Top Navigation Menu

Orange Meetings button indicates that we are on meetings page

Agenda templates button - for creating agenda templates

Board Information

Includes name, positions, term, term start and end date

Board Admins can enter term information - click on drop-down menu at the top left and go to manage users. 

Meeting Details

Date - meeting date

Time - of meeting including time zone

Location - where the meeting is being held.  

If the text is "blue" the information can be edited. Click on it, make changes in the popup. 


Regular (for monthly or less frequent meetings of the directors) 

Annual (for Annual or Annual General Meetings of the owners or members)

Special (for infrequent "special" meetings where the owners or members are invited to attend. Do not use for a meeting of the directors)

Committee (for informal meetings held by the directors)


New  - for meetings that have not yet been called to order

Closed - for meetings that have been adjourned.

Approved - for meetings where the minutes have been approved.

Allows a video conference link to be added here

Click on button to create or view agenda
Edit or Access minutes
Organize or access meeting attachments
Delete a meeting (action can only be completed by a board admin or recording secretary)

Updated December 2022