This is the main page for each board or committee.   

On the left-hand side is the navigation for the main features.

Menu - Click on the icon or profile photograph to access secondary features. These are the options that someone who is not a super admin will have. Super admins see more options.  

Settings - users are added or removed and address information is added. 

Profile - upload a photo, edit contact details or change password.  

Support -  go to from the drop-down menu or click on the orange "Support" button on the right-hand side of screen.  

Accessing support here allows you to send a ticket directly and access FAQs. 

Before submitting a ticket check if the question has already been answered.  


Notifications - Clicking on the bell in the far right-hand side opens a panel that provides updates and notices regarding the app. When there is a new notification the bell turns red.

Board Information is located at the top right-hand side which consists of a list of the boards' information. The name and contact information is available for everyone connected to the board or committee. The positions can be edited here. 

Templates  - agenda templates are made and stored. 

2. Create New Meeting

Step 1

Go back to the meeting list page

Step 2

Click on thebutton (if the button is missing then you are not the recording secretary, click board settings and then follow steps 8-10 here)

Step 3

Enter the location, title, date and a type for this meeting. Click Create.

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