To begin the meeting.  

1. Go To

2. Click on

Verify that you are the recording secretary. If you see something that looks like this - it means that you are not the Recording Secretary. The recording secretary is the only person who can create and edit the minutes. 

Only one user can be the RS at one time.

To make yourself the RS, go to Board Settings from the top menu and follow steps 8-10 here.

Afterward, it should look like this:

3. Take attendance by clicking on the Meeting Details section. Click.

4. Go to the Call to Order section and click  .

4.1 Click Yes to confirm Call to Order or set the time manually by clicking the checkbox. 

5. Approve the agenda, go to Approve Agenda and select directors from dropdown who move and second the motion to approve the agenda. Click approved. 

6. As the meeting progress, add additional text boxes, motions or actions.  Better is to add before the meeting starts.

7. Approve motions. Choose from the drop-down directors who moves and seconds the motion. 

8. Continue through the meeting and add text boxes, motions or actions as needed. 

9. Select a Next Meeting date. Set date & time.

Pick a date for a next meeting, choose a meeting type and add a title and location.


10. When the meeting is finished, go to Adjournment. 

Pick from dropdown menus directors to move and second the motion to adjourn.  

The system takes the time and date from your computer or the time can be entered manually. 

Confirm yes. The meeting is adjourned.

What are the blue bubbles? 

Click on the bubble - side panel opens - use to add comments or notes. 

  • Comments are public and seen by the board and managers.
  • My notes are private and seen by the user only.  

Add a comment or note by clicking onor New Note. Enter text and .

Editing Comments or Notes: click on pencil icon – make the changes – then .

Replying to Comments or Notes: Click on thesymbol to reply.