Using LiveDocs (beta)

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LiveDocs is our new collaborative editing tool.  It's a bit like editing in Google docs but not quite the same. 

We released it in beta because we wanted to get user feedback before working further on its development. 

We know its not perfect, your feedback will help us make it better.  

Getting Started

Go to Documents

If LiveDocs has been enabled for your board as an ad on you will see an option to Create LiveDoc (beta) in the top navigation. If you don't see it, you need to get your Super Admin to request it. 

Click on Create LiveDoc (beta). New page opens. 

Name your document.  Add tag(s) as usual.  Add a meeting date tag if desired.

A new window will open in your browser.

It will look blank as it should. 

Go to the gears icon at the top right. Be sure that "Show Chat and Users" is enabled. 

A document can be imported. Click on the 2 opposite arrows icon as you can see in the image below (with the grey background).  

Import your document or start typing from scratch or copy and paste content directly from another file. 

Note: if you import a pdf it might not translate into a LiveDoc as you expect. Graphics and tables will likely be a bit scrambled.  

Also note:  When I copy and paste text or if I start typing my type is highlighted in blue - a lot of blue.  

I suggest turning off the author highlighting as it is not very useful. It is just too much colour.  

Click on the eye icon at the top to remove the blue author highlighting. It won't always be blue - it could be another colour.

When another user has a suggestion for a change to the text, add it using comments. 

 Click on the icon 

A popup will show. 

Highlight the text to change, add a brief explanation in comment and enable suggested change and then add the suggested change.

Once a user has suggested a change - you see the name, their comment and if you click on their name you can see the proposed change and it can be accepted or rejected.  

The change is highlighted in yellow so that changes can be followed. Changes can be undone later if needed.  

Importing a document is the same steps as already described.  

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